Posted by: Luther Rice College & Seminary | August 16, 2013

How LRU Admissions Director Steve Pray lost 35 lbs

steve praySteve’s Plan for Caloric Success (Weight Loss)
R-Remove (overall lifestyle change, not necessarily 100 abstaining)
• Remove soda from your diet
• Remove the need for sweets after meals
• Remove fast food
• Remove fat from your diet wherever possible
R-Reduce (trim what you eat and the amount of it)
• Cutback on meal portions
• Do not have second helpings (or thirds!)
• Pay attention to serving sizes and eat accordingly
R-Replace (add healthy options to your diet and lifestyle)
• Add salads and veggies (when eating a salad switch to a vinaigrette dressing)
• Opt for Wheat Thins or other healthier options in lieu of chips
• Add daily exercise (a brisk 20 min. walk per day). You will also need to add muscular activity. If you lose weight and do not work your muscle, your body begins to assume that you don’t need that either and “eats” the muscular tissue.
• Opt for water and juice instead of soda
• For dessert, opt for a 70-80 calorie Dole fruit juice bar or other less fattening options such as veggies (carrot or celery sticks). Yogurt is not a bad option, but contains more calories than you may think.
• If you are a bacon connoisseur, make the switch from pork to turkey
• If you must eat fast food, choose wisely (salad and grilled options) but be careful about dressing and amount you eat. Some salads have more calories and a burger and fries!

Stephen Pray
Enrollment Advisor
Luther Rice University & Seminary
1-800-442-1577 ext. 5758



  1. Way to go Steve!!! Our body is the Lord’s temple and your choices are a witness for Him!

  2. Proud of you, Steve! You’ve shared some good tips I will try. Thanks for the good example.

  3. Congratulations Steve, may God continue to give you the discipline you need to stick with this regime.
    Be blessed

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