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keep writing and love people

LRU student Kris Wolfe

I am passionate about two things: writing and people.


I am not an amazing writer, in fact, not being “the best” has kept me from writing anything for years. After several people saw little “quips” of writing from me and told me that I should write more, I started a blog. It wasn’t amazing either. But what I noticed was, people really related to it. I didn’t have thousands of people flocking to read my stuff, but those who were reading were touched. For the first time in a long time, I felt encouraged, and I felt more purposeful. Being able to write something that helped people blesses me more than it blesses them. I decided I wanted to write more often and reach more people, God willing. I began to pray about it, and was led to further my education. Giving advice has always come naturally to me. Giving solid and godly advice hasn’t. I knew I needed more Bible knowledge, some Christian counseling training, and of course better credentials. 


I chose Luther Rice because a pastor/writer/friend, whom I greatly admire, received a degree from Luther Rice and suggested I look into it. I have been in the Master’s of Biblical Counseling program for about a year. I adore my classes! I feel at home with the classwork I am doing. I actually see value in the coursework. I appreciate the opportunity to do this all online. I have children, I own a very busy motorcycle business with my husband (he also attends LRU), and I have started a jail mentoring program called Fringe Ministry. If I had to attend classes in person, this degree would not be achievable for me.


I am not 100% sure what the years following graduation will look like for me. Fringe Ministry is gaining steam: we have several new volunteers and I am planning the first fundraiser for it called “Jailhouse Socks” to collect essential clothing items for inmates (complete with an Elvis Impersonator and fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches!). I am writing more too (check out and am launching a Christian advice column this summer. I have goals, and I am dreams; but I try to stay empty of myself, and open to God’s plans for me. I know that Luther Rice is a part of something huge happening in my life. God is prepping me, and when I start to get worried or discouraged, He sends me clear and powerful encouragement: keep writing and love people.  And that, I shall do.


Kris Wolfe is a Christian, wife and mother. She earned a B.S. in Psychology from Austin Peay State University and is currently attending Luther Rice University and Seminary pursuing a master’s degree in Biblical Counseling. She is also the Marketing Director for B.A. Wolfe Powersports and the co-founder of Fringe Ministry, a mentoring program for incarcerated men and women.

Kris covers topics such as dating, marriage, parenting, divorce, and faith.

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