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The Accidental Student by Keisha W.

Keisha LaTiaAs I finally ended my first semester with passing grades and a newfound grasp on theology and the doctrine of my faith, I looked back on the past sixteen weeks thinking ” How in God’s will did I get here?” After a semester full of computer mishaps, internet blank outs, broken keyboards, three toddlers, and a boat-load of emotional baggage, I realized that it was nothing but HIS will, that enabled this accidental student to succeed!

So how did this former financial analyst,stay at home mom, best wife ever…become a seminary student? It was hardly by my own design. A few years back, my husband and I found ourselves torn between our first ministry(our growing family) and our church ministry. Things got so out of hand the we had to turn to God to show us a way to preserve and fight for our marriage. He sent us some wonderful friends to counsel us and help get through the roughest patch to date in our marriage. These good friends were trained at the one and only Luther Rice Seminary and University. The work that they did in conjuction with the unconditional love and compassion they showed us, made me confident that I wanted to be more prepared to minister to others and enter into the profession of counseling. After graduating with my B.S. in Finance in 2005, I vowed that I would NEVER go back to school. And for years, I held firmly to it. A few years ago , a modifier was added ”…unless there is something that I am truly interested in learning about.” One year ago, I felt the tugging to go forward and pursue a Master’s at LRU in biblical counseling. He promised that he would finish the work that he started, I wanted to learn more about My God; the Healer and the Counselor.

This first semester was far from easy. I must have driven the tech department up the wall trying to figure out all of my problems with connectivity, accessiblity, etc. I was totally not tech saavy at all. I didn’t know what to do to even prepare for online courses. ”Do I print out all of my notes? Do I teach myself to read directly from the screen? Do I need a trapper-keeper?” (old school) It was so much to take in that I felt like I just took an unprepared plunge and prayed for the best. He promised that he would finish the work that he completed, and thanks to the wisdom and prayers of John Roland, faculty and staff members, I relied upon the LORD to do just what He said. I learned more in this one semester than I had learned in all of my years in ministry.
And this accidental student turned out to be no “accident” at all!



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