Posted by: Luther Rice College & Seminary | April 29, 2013

Luther Rice student headed to Yale for the summer


We are very proud of Bachelor of Arts student Tyrone Myers.  Tyrone has been selected as one of only twenty students nationwide to attend the 2013 Rivendell Institute Summer Seminar at Yale University.  The seminar is focused on cultivating Christians who have a deep devotion for Christ and are very scholarly. 


The official website states,The Rivendell Summer Seminar is a two week summer institute exploring the theme Cultivating a Faithful Presence: the Richness of the Gospel in the Life of the Academy. Hosted on the campus of Yale University by the Rivendell Institute at Yale, a select group of graduate and advanced undergraduate students in the humanities and social sciences will gather for instruction, development and encouragement.”


I had a chance to interview Tyrone about his opportunity and was honored to hear his amazing testimony.  I asked him why applied?  He immediately replied that Dr. David Leonard strongly encouraged him to apply.  Dr. Leonard built up his confidence and made Tyrone realize he was an exemplary student. 


Tyrone’s career goal is to earn two Ph.D’s, one in Philosophy and the other in Biblical Studies. He hopes to study at Notre Dame or another Ivy League institution.  He feels he will be most useful for the Kingdom of God as a professor.  His passion is in studying the deep questions of the faith and understanding Scripture in its historical context.  He finds the Bible to be very illuminating and believes his love of studying Scripture is an academic gift. 


Tyrone’s wife is Rachel, a 4.0 Biblical Counseling student here at LRU.  They have 3 children, Caedmon 4, Seirsha 2, and Emberly 17 months, and one on the way.  They live in Bakers City, Oregon and take LRU online. 


Tyrone came to Christ on June 13, 2005.  Previously he had been a truly militant atheist—he hated God.  As a youth he grew up homeless and eventually served almost four years in juvenile detention.  Later in life, he went through a divorce and was devastated.  He was a drug dealer when he got his divorce.  While in jail in June 2005, he read the Book of John three times. 


He also read Matthew 7:13-14  “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”  He finally understood the Gospel.  The Gospel saves him from the wrath of God. He became a Christian on June 13, 2005 by acknowledging—“I am yours Jesus.”  He felt he was truly a new man.  Within six weeks he was drug free.  Within six months he stopped smoking cigarettes.  Within two years he called to ministry as the worship leader at Calvary Chapel.  His life story did a complete 180° turnaround.  


He is now being mentored and led by Senior Pastor Scott Knox at Blue Mountain Baptist Church.  Pastor Knox has a vision for transforming people for Christ.  Blue Mountain does more outreach than all other churches in the town combined and have experienced significant growth.  Tyrone wears many hats in a part-time capacity at the church coordinating evangelism, volunteers, and serving as the worship leader. 


Tyrone is an inspiration and an example for us all.  We are proud of him and look forward to great things from him.


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