Posted by: Luther Rice College & Seminary | March 28, 2013

ALUM PROFILE: Rosella Everlee Campbell

Rosella Campbell2Social media is such a great way to connect with people around the world for ministry. One example is I was able to connect to Jamaica native and 100% online Luther Rice University (LRU) alum Rosella Everlee Campbell, LRU 2009 graduate with a MA Biblical Counseling and MA Leadership.
She recently posted on Twitter two posts about LRU:
“@Luther_Rice offers excellent Christian Education. 100% of program may be completed online. Thanks to the Longs 4 bringing LRU to JAMAICA.”
@Luther_Rice My school was selected one of six with exemplary Guidance & Counseling Programs 2011-2. One of the Counselors is a graduate.
I reached out to her and asked about what God was doing in her life and how LRU impacted the ministry she is called to do. I asked her when she met the Longs and what impressed her most about Luther Rice.
She replied, “I’m a graduate 2009, currently serving as Guidance Counselor at a Junior High School. I met the Longs in 2006. They know me well as Rosella. Thanks for your messages. LRU changed my life significantly. Jesus was my Savior but it was not until LRU that He became my Lord. I learned to surrender to Him through self-denial. God is in control and it is not about my desires for my life but God’s. That truth is quite freeing and spiritually liberating. I live my life today with total dependence on God. I no longer try to change people which makes my work at the school more productive and far less frustrating. I no longer try to change people but guide them, hoping they make the change. I am single and yes I have lived in Jamaica all my life. Thanks. I love talking about LRU.”
She gave us permission to quote her and she expressed her regards to the Longs. What I learned showed me once again the global impact of LRU. LRU is making an eternal impact worldwide and the sun truly never sets on Luther Rice University!


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